Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome to The Couch Critic: My Favourite TV Shows of 2013

Many of you will probably know me from my book blog BelleBooks, this year I have decided to start a new blog where I will be posting about tv shows and movies.
I realized that I actually watched quite a lot of tv and movies in 2013, much more than reading...oops. I am going to try and read more this year, so BelleBooks will be getting updated when I can, but so will The Couch Critic, yay!
Right now I'm not sure whether to include the manga and k-drama I watch as well, would anyone actually be interested in those? Let me know, if so I might start to include them on here.

So to kick things off, here are some of my favorite TV shows and movies I watched in 2013, in no particular order.

American Horror Story: Coven
I loved series 1&2 of AHS, so when I heard that series 3 was going to be centered around witches I was super excited! Although it did take a few episodes for some real things to start happening in the show, once it picked up I was hooked! Series 3 is still airing right now, and I'm still catching up on the last 2 episodes after my tv break over Christmas, but I know they are going to be good!

Lost Girl
I literally watched 2 seasons of Lost Girl over the space of a week! I love love love it! This show has all the drama and relationship triangles and problems that I love, wrapped up in a supernatural world, amazing!

Do I really need to comment on this? Revenge has become one of my top TV shows, it's full of twists and turns and I never know what is going to happen next! It's a show that really keeps me on the edge of my seat and when the episode ends I always want more!

At first I wasn't too sure about this one, but once I got into it I was really hooked. The ending of the last series just left me with more questions than answers to be honest, and I wish the new series was on now!! I don't want to wait anymore!

Hostages only started airing in the UK this week, but I've already to watch up to episode 15 online. I love this show, the plot twists are amazing and completely unexpected. I feel the main story line is getting a bit dragged out now, but I still want to keep watching to see what happens at the end.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones yeah...Game of Thrones yeah.....totally not singing!!
Do I need to go into detail??? Pretty self explanatory - Game of Thrones is EPIC!

Orphan Black
Right from the first 5 minutes of episode 1...this show was amazing, I am so glad they are making a second season of it! The girl seemed so familiar to me and when I finally goggled her turns out she was the crazy little kid in Ginger Snaps 2!

The Blacklist
I am sucker for a good crime show (CSI, Criminal Minds, SVU, Major Crimes etc) But this is a crime show with a bit of a twist! I do think the whole secret behind why he chose her is getting dragged out too long though, they will probably be keeping that one for a season/show finale. But apart from that one point I do really like the plot in this show!

Pretty Little Liars
I've watched this since it started....oh so many years ago. I am well and truly addicted to it and honestly don't know what I will do when we finally find out who "A" is!

This is just the shows that really stood out to me last year, there was tonnes more that I actually watched or am still watching and hopefully you will all get to share in that fun and get to hear my opinions on these shows and movies!

Emma x